The prominent and large Karachi Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University has an exceptional reputation for its amenities and educational quality. It has a strong track record in a variety of academic and professional training courses. The University is governed by a Board of Governors, which is chaired by the Governor of Sindh. MAJU's curricula are designed to satisfy the real-world demands of today's economy and labor market. The curriculum is revised on a regular basis to keep up with current technology and new advances. Our students can also participate in training sessions, seminars, and workshops at the university, which allow them to put what they've learned into practice. MAJU places a high priority on research as well. Research is another area of prime importance at MAJU. Research and Development are the crucial tools which countries use to transform their developing economies into developed nations. With advanced degree programs in Accounting and Finance, Computer Science and Management Information Systems, we are preparing young men and women to meet the challenges of the new millennium.


Established in 2005, National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) is the apex body for technical education and vocational training in the country mandated to provide for regulations, coordination, and policy direction for vocational and technical training and is thus involved in the policy making, strategy formulation, regulation, and revamping of the country’s entire Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system. NAVTTC is an autonomous public sector body created through the NAVTTC Act-2011 that is presently working under the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. NAVTTC was established as an attached entity of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Public) to promote and regulate technical and vocational training in the country. It facilitates, regulates, and provides policy direction for skill development in Pakistan.



Kamyab Jawan Program is the soul of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to empower youth being the most precious asset of Pakistan. The journey started with the establishment of Youth Affairs Wing with an aim to empower young people with skills set, resources & self-reliance opportunities by initiating a grand youth development program catering multiple domains.


Youth engagement in a country's socioeconomic race is critical since it influences the society's social and economic advancement. In this regard, the MAJU Centre of Executive Learning Development and Diversity (CELDD) is now offering five distinct hi-tech certification courses as part of the Prime Minister of Pakistan's "Kamyab Jawan Program". Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advance Python Programming & Applications, Amazon Virtual Assistant, Computer Graphics & Video Editing, Project Management are among the courses available. The fundamental purpose of these high-tech courses is to provide students with the cutting-edge skills needed in the IT (or other relevant) industries, as well as to keep them up to date on the newest digitalization trends. Later on, these high-tech courses will aid in the development of a skilled workforce for the industries, resulting in the overall improvement of society and country. Furthermore, skill-based learning will prepare students to create their own work environments/setups, allowing them to become entrepreneurs and create new job prospects.





Technology has made our lives easier, increased our access to information, and transformed the way we operate. Although many of us are now comfortable with technology, the majority of us would have no idea how to create and maintain the websites and apps on which we have become so dependent. It is now necessary to provide our pupils with the ability to build high-tech skills that will be required to thrive in the world of tomorrow. Learning skills that are immediately applicable to future industries and vocations (from artificial intelligence to IoT and machine learning) is changing how organizations and society run. These talents, which range from learning how to code apps and websites to navigating video editing software, not only help to create directly applicable skills for bringing technology-related ideas to life, but they also help to acquire desirable transferrable skills. In today's information age, it's more vital to ask the correct question than it is to know the proper response


  • Increase in confidence and productivity
  • Prevents problems and allows for more collaboration
  • More versatility and security in your industry
  • Creativity and Innovation
People today earn more than those who oversee larger construction sites thanks to technology and the internet. IT is involved in practically everything that has to do with business, education, entertainment, and consumer services because of these reasons. So, if students are unable to get work owing to their academic qualifications, they may be able to find work based on their hi-tech abilities.